The insurer for a changing world

Our unique business model

Insurance company “Cardif” offers cooperation in the field of bancassurance. We specialize in life insurance of borrowers, holders of payment cards and other types of insurance to protect the interests of partner’s clients. Many years of experience in the international insurance market, professionalism of our team, as well as an innovative approach to product development and marketing strategy, allow us to provide significant demand for insurance services and enhance appreciation of our clients and partners.

Company “Cardif” concentrates its attention on establishing mutually beneficial relations with partners. In turn, partners provide direct distribution of insurance products among end consumers being clients of the bank (model В2С).

Operational success and leading positions in the global insurance market are provided by the unique business model – В2В2С, i.e. absence of own sale channels of products. Such an approach results in a synergy of interests of the insurance company employees and those of the partner due to work in the same direction. Using the offered business model, we create a profit center for the partner, as a result, we achieve the maximal commercial effect for participants of such cooperation.

To ensure work of the business model, Cardif renders maximal support to all staff levels of the partner. We provide training for employees of the partner not only on the «product line», but also on the specific features and methods of sales of insurance products. Also, for employees of the partners, on a regular basis, motivation programs are applied.