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Payment Instrument Protection

A banking card is a convenient financial tool that gives a sense of freedom. The insurance program “Payment instrument protection” will provide you with additional financial security and protection against the risks associated with the use of the banking card.
These risks include, in particular:

  • fraudulent use (unauthorized debit noticed on the insured account that has been done by a third party without a cardholder’s knowledge and permission);
  • theft of goods paid for using a card;
  • loss of a card or theft of it by robbery;
  • theft of a wallet or bag;
  • loss of keys from a car or home;
  • loss of documents (passport, driver’s license, technical passport)

This is especially useful for you in situations when:

You are using a banking card when paying at a cashier’s desk in regular stores or when you buy goods and services online, withdraw cash from ATMs or using public transport. In all these situations, BNP Paribas Cardif will be protecting you.

We protect your property around the clock:

(in case of fraud)

Payment Card






  • - Passport of Ukraine
  • - Foreign passport
  • - Driver's license
  • - Technical passport

Surveys on Frequency of Fraud in Ukraine**

**Source: Ukrainian Interbank Association of Payment Systems Members of the EMA.

Official statistic:

77,6 thousands

number of cases of fraud in Ukraine in 2017

163,7 mln UAH

the total amount of damages from fraudulent actions

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The offer is valid for all clients of partner banks and telco operators. For activation, please contact any branch of your bank or follow the link below (in case of lifecell).

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